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This American-made lever-action rifle was manufactured with great pride and attention to detail. You can expect the same time-honored design as the traditional 1895, combined with Ruger’s trusted reputation for producing high-quality, reliable firearms.

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The Marlin 1895 lever-action rifles are 10 big-bore versions of the Marlin 1894s chambered for .45-70 Govt and/or .410 bore 2 1/2″. Like others, Marlin denotes models such as the 1894 and 1895 for the years they debuted production. Of course, some Marlins like the 336 aren’t named for the year they debuted.

Compared to the 1894, the 1895 was built around bigger calibers and thus had a larger barrel, magazine and receiver to handle the larger cartridges.

The flagship Model 1895 has beautiful American black walnut forend and butt. The receiver and other key metal components are richly blued providing a stunning offset of the wood. This .45-70 Govt chambered lever-action has a long 22” barrel with deep-cut Ballard rifling. Many Marlin rifles feature long tubes that stop short of the muzzle, but this classic gun has a short magazine that gives this model a 4+1 capacity.

The Model 1895G is blued while the 1895GS has a stellar stainless-steel finish across the receiver, trigger, lever, barrel and tube. The lightweight six-shot mag Model 1895GBL is 37” long and weighs 7 pounds. The two-tone wood laminate stock is very attractive and goes great with all the blued metal surfaces.

The Model 1895TSBL is the Trapper. It is fast-handling thanks to its 16.5” barrel. Its magazine tube is shorter to pair nicely with the barrel, so capacity is 5+1. The gun mates stainless-steel and brushed stainless-steel surfaces to the nicely contoured polymer forend and buttstock.

The Model 1895 410 is the .410-chambered 4+1 capacity version with beautiful wood connected to blued metal surfaces.

The Model 1895SSBL mates a stainless-steel barrel to a great looking black/gray laminate stock and is chambered for .45-70 Government. On top is an XS lever accessory rail accompanied by a ghost ring peep sight at rear and an XS Sights front post sight.

2 reviews for THE MARLIN® MODEL 1895 SBL

  1. William Smith

    The Marlin 1895SBL has a special place in my heart. So I’ve really been looking forward to doing this Marlin 1895 SBL Review.

    The reason for this is not the type of gun that I typically mess with. I bought this gun because I saw it in a movie.

    I know that sounds crazy but I saw this gun in both Jurassic World and Wind River.

  2. Keneth bellenger

    If you’re hunting Kodiak bears, you’re obviously going to want a different round than if you’re shooting subsonic suppressed bullets into a berm in the lower 48.

    Or maybe you’re chasing dinosaurs on a tropical island that doesn’t exist. (If that’s the case, I hope you’re shooting ammo we don’t know about that has a lot more knockdown power than anything that exists in real life.)

    This gun is pretty darn versatile.

    It can be used to hunt predators or prey. You could maybe even take down an elephant with it, although I would suggest something larger than a .45-70 for that.

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