50 Rounds of .22 Win Auto Ammo by Aguila – 45gr LRN (Winchester Model 1903 Rifle Only!)


Are you in the market for some high quality 22 Win Auto ammo? That’s great! This one by Aguila features a 45 grain LRN projectile that will work splendidly with the M1903’s self-loading feature, and is highly accurate for satisfying backyard plinking and target practice. This round’s brass casing will run smoothly through the only rifle that can handle it, and it’s intensely reliable because Aguila tagged British rimfire specialist ELEY to craft its non-corrosive primer. You’ve likely had a hard time finding ammo for a rifle that hasn’t been manufactured for nearly nine decades — once you’ve given this box of ammo a try, come on back to BulkAmmunitionstore.com for a whole case



50 rounds of .22 win auto ammo for sale ( In stock now)


22 win auto aamo
22 win auto aamo

The .22 Winchester Automatic (also known as the .22 Winchester Auto ammo and occasionally .22 Win Auto) is a .22 in (5.6 mm) American rimfire rifle cartridge.

Introduced for the Winchester Model 1903 semiautomatic rifle,[1] the .22 Win Auto was never used in any other firearm.[1] It will not chamber correctly in other .22 rimfire weapons, nor will other .22 rimfire ammunition, including the very dimensionally-similar .22 Remington Automatic,[2] interchange with it.[1] This feature was to prevent use of black powder rounds, which were still popular when it first appeared, from being used in the M1903, resulting in powder residue rapidly clogging the action and rendering the weapon inoperable.[1]

The power of the .22 Win Auto ammo is comparable to the .22 Long rimfire, and while it fires a heavier bullet,[1] it offers no performance edge on either the .22 Long or the very much more common .22 Long Rifle.[1]


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